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A podcast looking at the funny side of the law. Law student Tierney describes the weird and wonderful world of litigation to Charis; whose legal credentials include watching half an episode of Defending the Guilty, and going on a date with a barrister.

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#05 Flaming Oranges and Generous Cleavage


How do you earn 50,000 euros a year doing absolutely nothing? We’ll give you a clue – the first step involves a move to Spain. We also learn some unusual new slang, and find out exactly what makes Spanish flag bearers so damn attractive.

If the judgment or any case files for this case has been released, I couldn't find them online. I have separated the articles I used into those in English and those in Spanish. I've put them in chronological order.

Articles about Carles Recio and the case

"Valencia's master of workplace absenteeism pulls another fast one" by Ignacio Zafra in El País in English, 15/02/2018
"Man banned from public service jobs after skipping work every day for a decade" by Tom Embury-Dennis in The Independent, 12/07/2018

"Un funcionario lleva más de 10 años cobrando como jefe sin ir a trabajar" by Vicente Useros in El Mundo, 30/01/2017
"Del cómic a un prostíbulo: 'hobbies' del funcionario que no iba a trabajar" by Vicente Useros in El Mundo, 31/01/2017
"Proxeneta, ultraderechista, dibujante de cómics... El currículum del funcionario que gana 50.000 euros por NO ir a trabajar" by the blog Strambotic in Público, 01/02/2017
"Carles Recio, el funcionario que cobró diez años sin ir a trabajar: "Trabajo fuera de la oficina, un trabajo de negro"" by (includes video) on, 12/03/2018
"El funcionario que estuvo 10 años sin trabajar en Valencia no cometió ningún delito" by Ignacio Zafra in El País, 24/03/2018
"Dura condena al funcionario de la Diputación pillado por EL MUNDO sin ir a trabajar: 9 años de suspensión" by Vicente Useros and Xavier Borràs in El Mundo, 07/07/2018
"Lecciones del 'caso Carles Recio'" by Xavier Borràs in El Mundo, 08/07/2018

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General information about tribunals in the UK from the UK Judiciary's website
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